What You Can Expect from Us

We are breeding two wonderful Newfoundlands (gentle giants) with complementary personalities. Both parents are Canine Health Checked- Genetics – Cleared.

Newfoundlands are one of the largest dogs around, making proper puppy training a must! Our family goes the extra mile, being sure that each puppy is health tracked and nurtured and raised using the “Bad-Ass Breeder – Puppy Curriculum, Implementing Early Neurological Stimulation (ENI) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI),” AKA “The Super Dog Program.” Doing so will provide the following benefits to your canine:

  • improved heart rate
  • stronger heart beats
  • stronger adrenal glands
  • more tolerance to stress
  • greater resistance to disease (improved immune health)

Additionally, this “Puppy Curriculum” provides specific exposure and activities, in age-appropriate stages, for the entire 56 (est.) days that your pup will be in our care so you will have a pup with a Super-Pup Starter Status.

These dogs are raised in a family environment and will be socialized with people of all sizes and ages. We will evaluate each pup’s personality to encourage a successful match for pups and their fur-ever homes.

Past & Present Litters