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Neal’s Newfoundlands – It’s a love story really…

I grew up with a family dog, like many kids do. I wanted my children to grow up with a family dog too, but we have full and busy lives and were not sure we could entertain another addition to our family. Enter Indy, our AKC Newfoundland sire. He is beautiful, no doubt, but the Newfoundland’s gentle, sweet-tempered, trainable, easy-going personality made this addition a perfect match for us.

Just one year later Anna, our dam, joined our family, creating the perfect match to begin this journey of continuing the majestic breed of Newfoundlands.

Our dogs live on our 20-acre property, free to roam and play with one another and our family. (They do so within the safety of a wireless fence.) Most of their day is spent outside; although, they do make their way into our kitchen each day to lay on the nice cool tile floor. When not in either of these places, they sleep and are cared for in a temperature-controlled room attachment to our home.

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About Newfoundlands

Newfoundlands are best known for being devoted, sweet, and patient. They have been rightly dubbed “gentle giants” and nanny dogs. They are in the working group category because of their strength and intelligence. Newfs are among the easiest dogs to train and respond so well to positive reinforcement and praise. They are a breed that aims to please – they want to make their humans happy.

Some of their well-known traits according to the American Kennel Club (AKC):

  • affectionate with entire family – sweet temperament
  • good with young children
  • good with other dogs
  • strong
  • intelligent
  • trustworthy

You can review the breed’s traits and characteristics here.

Newfoundlands are one of the largest dogs around. Therefore, proper puppy training is a must! Neal’s Newfoundlands goes the extra mile, starting your pup with this goal in mind. In eight weeks, your pup will receive a truly advantaged start. Our entire family will have a hands-on approach (as appropriate) to handle each pup with socialization and training standards taken from Jeanette Forrey’s “Bad Ass Breeder Guide” and “Puppy Curriculum.” This training makes a huge difference in bringing home a trainable, well-mannered family dog.

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