Please complete the adoption application below to express your interest in adopting one of our Newfoundland puppies. Once your application has been approved, the next step is to complete and return the Puppy Deposit Contract along with your deposit funds.

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Ownership Commitment

Newfoundlands do require grooming. Each family has different ideas on what type of grooming is necessary (e.g., show dog vs. farm fog). Both are acceptable for a Newfoundland’s personality. Nonetheless, both of these STILL REQUIRE A COMMITMENT OF GROOMING for this long-haired dog in order to protect it from matting and skin-pulling hot spots. Depending on your preferences, you may do this a little every day and a bit more once a month. Or you may decide to have your Newfoundland groomed professionally every three months or more. (Professional grooming can cost $100 or more for this large breed.)
Are you committed to the necessary expense and/or time commitment for grooming a Newfoundland?*
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Each application will be reviewed within 2 business days of receipt, in the order that they are received. Because our breeding is limited to 1 or 2 times a year currently, we will accept deposits for the current litter (available) and prioritize a list of interest for a future litter. We will reach out to anyone on our list of interest, in the order received, to collect a deposit when the next litter is expected.

Pick of the Litter

Selection of your pup will be determined by the order the deposits are received. I.e., The first deposit received, receives the first pick of puppy, second deposit receives second pick of the litter, and so on. The date for picking will be between weeks four and six. You will receive an email following your application acceptance.

Pick-up Dates

It is our preference that each pup be picked up by their family on a specified date. However, we are willing to make other arrangements, such as a meeting point or scheduling with a flight Nanny. These options do entail fees and extra charges, which can be discussed and included in the contract before the deposit is taken.

Puppies must be picked up on the agreed upon date. If, for some unexpected circumstance, your pup has to stay on, there will be a daily cost of care fee in addition to the contracted price of the pup.

It is best for your pup's development and family that your pup go home without delay once reaching the appropriate stage.

Puppies cannot be kenneled before they receive all of their immunizations and vaccinations, including rabies, which is not given before the age of 3 months. Please make your plans for purchasing a puppy with this in mind.


Every puppy placement must have a signed contract prior to going home.

Please do research regarding things like spay/neuter on large breeds, as well as the cost of feeding, the investment in grooming, and whatever else you are curious about. There are lots of videos with tips on training a puppy. We recommend that you find a training program and be consistent with it to be happy with your outcome.
By checking the box below, I am "signing" this adoption application, confirming that I have read and understood it in its entirety, and agreeing to its terms.*